Screenshots are the most often thing that we take time to time on our laptops, Computers and mostly in our smartphones. They are the best way to store any information or to collect any information that is important to you or maybe for some other reasons. Sometimes we need to ask something about any error then it is quite helpful to take a screenshot and direct mail to your technical team. So, in this article, we are going to figure out, how to take a screenshot of only one monitor while using the dual screenshot setup.

If you are a digital marketer or any type of online content creator then it is quite helpful to use the dual-screen setup for your computer or to purchase any external monitors for eye strain so that you can enhance your efficiency. But, If your that traditional method to take a screenshot of your computer screen then it will take a dual-screen screenshot simultaneously. So, here we are going to figure out some methods by which you can take a screenshot of only one monitor.

All these methods that I am going to share below are working in all operating systems. No matter, you are using windows 10 or you are using windows 7. So here is the quick tutorial guide on how to take a screenshot on windows while using the dual-screen setup.


How To Screenshot Only One Monitor

  • Now, if you are using a dual or triple screen monitor setup then, First of all, make sure that your cursor is one that screen from which you want to take a screenshot.

Note – Make sure that there is any program opened in the window. Otherwise, it will take the screenshot of both screens.

  • Press CTRL + ALT + PrtScn from your keyboard.
  • Next, Open Word / Email / Paint or whatever else program where you want to paste that screenshot. To paste the screenshot, Press CTRL + V into it.

How To Screenshot For Both Screens

This shortcut is quite simple and almost everyone knows it. But, here is the step by step guide to taking a screenshot by showing both screens.

  • Press CTRL + PrtScn 
  • Now paste CTRL + V to paste the screenshot where you want ( word, email, paint, etc )

You can also use the popular windows shortcut that most of the people use to take the screenshots that are, Windows + PrtScn.


These are the couple of handy methods that you can use to take screenshots easily from your dual-screen computer setup. Since I am also using the dual-screen setup and hence I found these methods useful.

Conclusion –

There are might some other methods by which you can take screenshots, But, these are quick and handy methods that you can use to take screenshots. I hope you will like this article on How To Screenshot Only One Monitor.

You can also use the Snipping tools methods. But those methods are not as quick as much to use the keyboards shortcuts to take screenshots. And, in case, if you are looking for any best gaming monitor under 100$ then you can check out our buying guide.

Till then, Stay Tuned!

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