How to Buy Best Monitor Online – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Whether you are planning to purchase any normal monitor or any specific gaming monitors. You need to keep these points in your mind before purchasing any monitor online. Here is the Ultimate Buying Guide for Monitors Online.

Here in this article, I am not going to talk about any specific type of monitors. We are going to talk about all kinds of monitors, Whether they are curved monitors, Gaming Monitors or any kind of Office/Normal Monitors.  As we all know that there is a large variety of monitors are available in the market and many of us got confused to select which one you should need to purchase online. I already published the Best Gaming Monitors List that has awesome monitors at a reasonable price.

How to Buy Best Monitor Online

Human is not satisfied with his life. We all Human requires some extra features in all products. So, Here I am mentioned some important features and specifications that you must check on the Page, before purchasing any monitor online. I’m also going to explain all the details here. So make sure you read this article completely to understand all the terms that are mentioned when you are going to purchase any monitor online.

How to Buy Best Monitor Online

Monitor Resolution

Clear Visuals are the most important part. Whether you are writing a text or you are playing any game, If you have clear visuals then it is easy to achieve your task more easily. Currently, 4K monitors are now easily available in the market at a reasonable cost.  But if you purchase any monitor with has 1080p + resolution then it would be better for you.

You might be wondering to know how many pixels does 2K or 4K resolution monitors contain. Below is the table of Monitors Resolutions.

4K3840x2160 (typical monitor resolution)
4096x2160 (official cinema resolution)
Ultra HD (UHD) Resolution3840x2160
Quad HD (QHD) 2560x1440
Wide Quad HD (WQHD) 2560x1440
2K Resolution2560x1440 (typical monitor resolution)
2048x1080 (official cinema resolution)
Full HD (FHD) Or 1080p 1920x1080
HD or 720p1280x720

Curved Vs Flat Display

Curved Monitor or Flat monitors? which one is good? Many of you asked this question in forums and everywhere else. Curved Monitors are very good if your main purpose of building a personal computer is gaming. Whereas, Flat monitors are also good. Curved monitors covered large screen rather than flat monitors, so you can cover a large screen without any problem. Also, You didn’t need to move your neck much more to cover a large screen without any problem.

But sometimes, due to the large curve, it becomes irritated and the reason for distraction. Whereas, in Normal screen, there is no problem like this.

Display Panel

Display type is another most important thing that you need to check before purchasing any monitors. There are lots of factors depend upon it. Such As Response ratio, Refresh rate, and many other things also.

There are three types of display Panels are available in the market. They are IPS, VA, and TN. Let us discuss more these display.

IPS – IPS panel display is the most popular and most expensive displays available in the market to purchase. the Viewing angles of IPS panel display are amazing. color saturation is much better than any other LCD or LED. So, If you need any purchase display for video editing, or for gaming, then it is better to purchase the IPS panel display for it.

VA – VA ( vertical alignment ) panel takes much more response time than IPS panel display.  They are cheaper than IPS panel and they are the best of office use. Their Colours and response time is also good.

TN – TN displays are the most common display that we saw in the market. They are available easily in all the stores. These displays are quite cheaper than VA and IPS panel display.  If you are purchasing any monitor for gaming or for normal usage, then you can take a look for TN display also. You can read more about these panels in this article.

How to Buy Best Monitor Online

Ports Available

There are some ports that you must check that your monitor that you are going to purchase already have or not? In the past, most of the monitors work on VGA cable, but now technology is going more and more advance in the future.

to use 4K monitor, You need to use HDMI ports or USD type C ports to connect it. In case if you are using your monitor for gaming and you need high refresh rate then you must use DisplayPort to connect your displays. So make sure that there are some common ports i.e HDMI, VGA, Type C port is available to connect.

G-Sync or FreeSync monitor?

This part is only for those people who are purchasing the monitors only for gaming purpose. it is preferred that if you are using NVIDIA graphics then you choose G-Sync monitor and if you are using AMD Graphic cards then you must choose FreeSync monitors for better performance. GSync monitors cost more then FreeSync monitors.

Monitor For General Use?

If you are purchasing your monitor for general usages such as for reading and writing, watching videos and for little gaming then you can use any monitor which have 27 or inches size with IPS panel display and there is nothing to worry about for that. For General Uses, we make sure that there is a good contrast, so you can choose the VA panel display also for that. VA panel display has much better picture quality then other panels. Most of the latest windows support night light or blue light so if your monitor doesn’t have this feature then there is nothing to worry.

Monitor For Gaming?

If you are purchasing monitor gaming or for streaming then you must choose is wisely. First of all, you need to choose which Graphic card are using you to run games and according to that, you need to select the Sync type.  After that, if you have a good budget then you can choose Curved monitor for that. Since if you purchase any curved monitor then you can easily cover the large screen and can see your enemies easily. Whereas If you purchase any simple monitor then you need to purchase any big screen (32 inches) to cover the large screen.


So, these are some things that you just need to check before purchasing any monitor online. If you are purchasing any monitor for PS4 then check out this Article On Best Gaming Monitor For PS4.

Now, You have enough knowledge about the monitors. So now make your decisions wisely.

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